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Harold Whittles

Welcome to our production shop of award-winning content creators, brand designers, filmmakers, and media strategists who have cut their teeth on some of Australia's highest-rated shows and most memorable brand campaigns. We've now joined forces and built a state-of-the-art studio in South Melbourne to make even sweeter things happen. This year Toffee has opened a creative arm in both  LA and NYC.

Toffee Collective

Basically, if it plays on a screen or sits on a shelf,
we're into it //

Toffee Broadcast & Entertainment
Toffee Broadcast & Entertainment
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At the Toffee Collective, we're known for making sweet campaigns that stick. From babies to animals to A-listers, we've worked with them all. We're not just another production company; we're the secret ingredient that makes campaigns stand out. We love a juicy brief, so get in touch.