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The Institute of Style  - With Neale Whitaker



Presented by interior design expert Neale Whitaker, "The Institute of Style" is a celebration of Australians of style and note. Each episode features a different influential figure, from designers and artists to musicians and entrepreneurs, and explores the connection between their personal style and the spaces they inhabit.

With Neale's expert eye for design and a deep dive into the stories and inspirations behind each subject, "The Institute of Style" takes viewers on a journey to discover how the intersection of style and interiors can shape our lives and inspire us. The series ran as an interstitial series in conjunction with 'Love It or List It'.

To celebrate Australian's of style and note, we have launched a new series called  'The Institute of Style'.


'The Institute of Style'

Presented by Neale Whitaker

The Institute of Style with Neale Whitaker
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